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PersonifyWBT Systems joins forces with Personify

WBT Systems today announced that it has joined forces with Personify, a leading provider of Association Management Systems to Associations and nonprofit markets.  The partnership will give Personify customers access to an approved learning partner with an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) to manage and deliver education and certification programs online.

Read the full release here

TopClass Now!Launching TopClass Now! – The Cloud-based LMS for Associations

WBT has just announced the availability of TopClass Now!, a hosted and full-featured LMS package designed for Associations and Professional Bodies. The new TopClass Now! offering comes with a complete set of services to enable an organization to launch its eLearning program in less than a week.

TopClass Now! has all the features required to manage, deliver and track educational programs online, but offers much more.

Read the full release or learn more.


iMIS 20 logoAssociation Learning – Getting more Bang for your Buck!

WBT has just announced the availability of its latest publication “Association Learning – Getting More Bank for your Buck!” This handy guide offers 8 quick tips to help associations and professional bodies boost eLearning Revenue.

Written for Associations, this brief guide makes practical suggestions, some technology related and some not, that can be implemented right away to make a difference to your bottom line.


Download today to help your association get more bang for its eLearning buck!



iMIS 20 logo Announcing Partner Webcast


ASI, our partners in the association space are running a webcast to launch iMIS 20, the latest version of their Association Management Software.

Hundreds of iMIS users attended their April webcast, and learned how iMIS 20 enables you to engage your members, donors, and other constituents—as well as staff—anytime, anywhere, from any device—all in one seamless, cloud-based system.

If you missed the iMIS webinar last month register now for the upcoming event on May 22nd.

Don’t miss it!


Unlocking-the-Potential-of-Leanring-Webinar-poll-results Gartner predicts a major jump in worldwide tablet shipments.

According to Gartner, worldwide tablet shipments are beginning to outpace traditional PCs. Gartner predicts that PC-based models, such as desktops and notebooks, will decline by 7.6 percent to 315 million units shipped worldwide. At the same time, the tablet market, which was not a major player until 2010, is expected to hit 197 million in 2013 and 468 million by 2017.

So how has your association, and more specifically, your learning strategy adapted to the changing computing climate?

Find out more about what other associations might be doing in the area of both mobile learning and social learning in our recent report. It’s based on research from more than 100 associations and looks at how associations are approaching learning in this area, what their understanding of mobile learning is and why it is important, and what they are planning for the future.

Download WBT’s Mobile Learning & Social Learning report today!

Unlocking-the-Potential-of-Leanring-Webinar-poll-resultsWebinar Poll # 3: How relevant is mobile learning at your association?

During our recent “Unlocking the Potential of Learning” webinar, we asked our attendees to answer a number of poll questions.

In our third question we asked folks about the relevance of mobile learning. We wanted to get an idea as to whether mobile learning played an important role in the lives of associations today. The results were pretty much what we expected.

Find out how associations rated the importance of mobile learning here.


Unlocking-the-Potential-of-Leanring-Webinar-poll-resultsWebinar Poll # 2: What is your commercial model for Learning?

During our recent “Unlocking the Potential of Learning” webinar, we asked our attendees to answer a number of poll questions.

In our second poll question we asked folks about their commercial model for learning and asked them to tell us if they sold training courses, provided them for free or offered a combination of both.


What is your commercial model for learning?

NiUG LogoNiUG’s Certification Program goes Online!

Exciting news hot off the press – NiUG, the organization for iMIS users is working with WBT Systems to put their certification program online. It means that NiUG will soon be able to offer their members online enrolment for iMIS certification with support for and tracking of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Using TopClass LMS, NiUG members will also be able to complete their certification modules online, participate in webinars and take the examination through a proctored environment from anywhere in the world.

Read more here!

Unlocking-the-Potential-of-Leanring-Webinar-poll-resultsWebinar Poll results unveiled!

During our recent “Unlocking the Potential of Learning” webinar, we asked our attendees to answer a number of poll questions. These polls are great for getting an idea as to what’s really going on in the market.

The questions we asked focused on a number of topics including LMS integrations, types of training materials used at associations, analytics and mobile learning. Today we’re posting the results of the first question:

Which applications would require integration with a learning system at your organization?

WBT Announces Webinar: Unlocking the Potential of Learning

When: Tues, Feb 26th 2013, 11-11.45am EST

Here at WBT, we’ve been working hard on putting a new schedule of events together for 2013 and today we’re announcing our first webinar. It is designed specifically for associations that want to get more from their learning programs. Our guest speaker is author of “Leading the Learning Revolution”, Jeff Cobb, and he will share a wealth of information and insights on the topic, together with Association Learning Specialist, Louella Morton from WBT Systems.

This event has ended but you can access this FREE webinar recording here today!

ASI LogoCreate, deliver and manage webinars from within TopClass

WBT Systems would like to share the latest exciting development news about TopClass, its Learning Management System. Thanks to our new Adobe Connect bridge, it is now possible to set up, launch, register for and track webinars from within the TopClass environment.

This new development means that organizations using TopClass can rapidly create, deliver and track live or recorded webinars with a single sign on between TopClass and Adobe Connect for a seamless user experience. For students this also enhances their learning experience and simplifies the process of accessing webinars as it means they can browse, register for and launch webinars from the TopClass dashboard, as they would any other type of training event.

The Adobe Connect bridge also synchronizes attendance to live webinars. And TopClass can then automatically award and track various types of continuing education credits – including CPD’s, CEU’s and CLE’s.

This exciting new development makes TopClass an ideal choice for any association looking to manage blended learning from a single web-based learning management system.

An interview with Jeff Cobb of Tagoras

Mike Bourassa of WBT Systems talks to Jeff Cobb of Tagoras about the future of learning and explains how WBT is different in their eLearning offering. The interview takes place ahead of the ASAE Technology conference where Tagoras will be launching their latest report on Association Learning Management Systems.



Listen to the interview

ASAE Technology Conference

December 5-6 2012, Washington DC

WBT Systems will be exhibiting at the ASAE Technology Conference this December. The event brings together technology decision makers at Associations and Professional Bodies and technology suppliers, to enable an exchange of information. The event is to be held at the Walter E Washington Convention Centre.

iMIS logoLatest version of TopClass includes iMIS integration bridge


We have just announced the availability of the latest version of our Learning Management System, TopClass version 9.1. This latest release includes a configurable integration bridge to iMIS, the leading software management system for not-for-profits. The bridge means that the integration between TopClass LMS and iMIS is seamless and reliable, and simplifies an otherwise complex integration between the two systems.

WBT has already integrated its LMS with iMIS for many of its Association customers but the availability of this configurable bridge will ensure the integration is significantly faster, more reliable, and easier to set up and schedule.

Read the full press release here

Social Learning & Mobile Learning


WBT has just announced the publication of its latest report on social learning and mobile learning within associations. Significant advancements in technology in recent years have sparked major changes in learning design and delivery.

In order to put the report together, WBT carried out a survey and managed to glean some interesting insights into how associations are approaching learning in this area, what they are doing today and planning for the future, what their understanding of social and mobile learning is.

Download the report today!

WBT Systems and IServices form Partnership


IServices is the latest partner to form an alliance with WBT Systems. IServices is based in Australia and is a specialist provider of technology services and systems integration services to not-for-profit organisations. It is also the largest Australasian Authorised Solution Provider of iMIS, the most widely used association management software from Advanced Solutions International (ASI). Together IServices and WBT bring total eLearning solutions and services to the Australasian market.

Read the full press release here

Association Learning Management Systems – special WBT edition

We have just announced the availability of the WBT special edition Tagoras LMS report, written by the folks at Tagoras and designed for associations that are thinking about, or are in the process of selecting an LMS.

Normally on sale for $149, this special edition is a shortened version of the full report but still provides the guiding questions for LMS selection and a comparison of LMS systems across a variety of areas. It also profiles WBT with a review of TopClass, and the system features designed specifically for the association market.

Read more & download

ASAE ConferenceASAE Technology Conference 2011 – feedback & evidence!

We’re just back from the ASAE Technology Conference in Washington DC. It’s the leading association tech conference for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CXOs, and other technology staff to gain knowledge, perspective and insight into the technology issues facing associations and nonprofits. WBT exhibited alongside our partners ASI and we had a successful event with association staff Brendan Mike and Louella.

Big Congrats to David at the American Subcontractors Association who won our booth prize of an iPhone 4S.

Check out a few shots from the show floor.

ASI LogoWBT Systems becomes ASI iXtend Gold Partner

WBT Systems has announced its iXtend Gold-level partnership with Advanced Solutions International (ASI), developer of the market leading iMIS enterprise software platform for membership and fundraising NFP organizations. The partnership will enable iMIS customers to have an approved learning partner that offers an integrated Learning Management System (LMS), called TopClass, to manage and deliver education programs online.

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Association LearningAssociation Learning: Open Source or Commercial LMS?

WBT has just published the third in its series of complimentary reports for the Association market. “Open Source or Commercial LMS?” looks at the pros and cons of both open source and commercial Learning Management Systems for Associations. A number of topics are considered within the report, including license fees, IT resources, support & maintenance, product roadmap, security, and industry best practice. Each area looks at the advantages and disadvantages and presents an unbiased view of each.

Read more & download


ASAE ConferenceASAE Annual Conference 2011 – feedback & evidence!

We’re just back from the ASAE Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO. It’s the leading conference for Association Professionals and there were over 5,000 attendees, speakers and exhibitors at the event. It’s a great opportunity for association employees and suppliers to come together to grapple with current market trends and learn first hand what other associations are doing to stay ahead. We had a successful event and Brendan and Mike, our association gurus, took a few pics.

Check out a few shots from the show floor.

Association LearningAssociation Learning + Technology

Tagoras has just published its 2011 report on Association Learning and Technology. It assesses the state of technology enabled learning in the association market and provides insight into how its role in the sector may evolve in the coming months and years. It includes a survey of some 375 associations, in-depth interviews with 27 associations and 10 learning technology providers. WBT Systems is profiled in the report.

The report may be purchased from the Tagoras website.


How does eLearning in US Associations compare to UK?

WBT has just released its latest report, which is based on a survey of eLearning Practices within Associations and Professional Bodies in the United Kingdom and United States. This complimentary report compares types of training offered in the UK and US, online learning formats, Learning Management System usage, functionality and implementation plans.

Download a copy of the report today.


WBT Selected by Association of Credit and Collection Professionals for eLearning

WBT has just been chosen by the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA) to power Campus ACA, its online educational resource for credit and collection industry professionals. TopClass will be used by more than 5,000 learners and will enable ACA to offer an effective and accessible catalog of online courses, provide online testing and assessments and the system will integrate with iMIS, ACA’s member database.

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WBT Sponsors UK IPG Conference

WBT recently sponsored the Continuing Professional Development Forum Annual Conference, which took place in London in May this year.  The conference brought together over 100 professionals responsible for training and education within professional bodies and associations.  WBT was platinum sponsor of the event and delivered a presentation that focused on eLearning and the differences between formal and informal learning.


WBT publishes a Best Practice Guide to Online Learning for Associations

‘A Practical Guide to Online Learning’ is a brief guide that provides helpful information for the various stages of the eLearning project lifecycle, from planning and system selection to implementation and launch. Designed for Associations and Professional Bodies, the guide offers advice on how to plan and implement an eLearning solution and is based on WBT’s experience of implementing successful eLearning programs with its association customers.

It’s free and ready for download

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