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TopClass is an intuitive, complete and proven Learning Management System that evolves with your organisation.

The Flexible Learning Platform

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The latest version of TopClass focuses on flexible customization and a catalog of many useful features.

The Flexible Learning Platform

TopClass is an intuitive, complete and proven Learning Management System that evolves with your organization.

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Reach and convert your education customers in more effective ways. Apply proven adult learning principles with ease to achieve real, measurable outcomes that keep learners coming back.

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Training Organizations


Deploy, configure and manage multiple customer portals easily and efficiently. Delegate the operation tasks to your customers while keeping full control.

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Manage your Extended Enterprise learning needs and compliance requirements with a proven LMS that will integrate with all your existing systems, make your life easier and ensure you deliver the best possible solution.

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May 14 2015
The New Jersey School Boards Association chooses TopClass

The New Jersey School Boards Association is a federation of boards of education that provide training, advocacy and support to advance public education and the achievemen

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Apr 13 2015
The American Institute of Chemical Engineers chooses TopClass

AIChE is a leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with over 49,000 members from over 100 countries. As a part of their educational offerings, AIChE

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Aug 5 2015
ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo 2015 – Detroit, here we come!

We are excited to be heading to ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo 2015 at the weekend!   The ASAE Annual Conference is the biggest Association Conference and draws the

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May 28 2015
Next stop: AHIP Institute 2015!

We’re headed to Nashville next week!   Health Plans, Agents Enablement, Compliance Requirements, and… Learning Management Systems!   We’re del

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May 27 2015
Using IFrames And Multimedia To Enhance Your Assessments

    We often think of assessments as being somewhat separated from the overall learning process. They are often seen as separate entities to the instructional

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Apr 28 2015
Mobilegeddon – It didn’t get us

There still seems to be some debate as to how big an impact Mobilegeddon has had on mobile search results, but one thing seems not to be in dispute,...

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