Association Learning Blogs: Most Popular of 2016

As we approach the end of June, and with a little inspiration from last week's blog on Reflective Learning, we thought it was a good time to look back at some of the most popular association learning blogs of the first half of 2016. Apart from our roundup of the predicted 2016 Trends for Association Learning Technology, which is our all-time most popular blog post, the association learning blogs listed below have generated the most interest and conversation on our social media networks:

    1. 4 Ways Education Programs Increase Value for Association Members
      Education programs increase value for association membersRetention is one of the most critical metrics for associations and membership organizations today, but what benefits truly increase value for association members and ensure they renew their membership? One key benefit that can help deliver more value to members is a strong, engaging education program that keeps learners coming back for more training. Here we share 4 ways that education programs increase value for association members.


    1. Five Differences between Association and Corporate LMS
      Differences between an Association and Corporate LMSThere are 675+ LMS solutions in the world, but less than 13 specialize as a pure Association LMSThere is a wide range of functional and professional service capability designed for different types of associations. In this guest post, John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, advises that to choose wisely, the best defense is to define your association’s requirements specifically on a business, technical, functional and professional service level.


    1. Improving Learner Engagement among Association Members
      Association Learning BlogsIf a strong, engaging education program is a key strategy for increasing retention, then how do you improve learner engagement among Association members? This blog explores how improving learner engagement is key to helping members to understand the value of education and certification programs, which in turn contributes to retaining and nurturing association membership.


    1. Looking Forward 2016: Reduce the Impact with an LMS
      Looking Forward 2016 report: reduce the impact with an LMSThe Looking Forward 2016 report outlines workforce impacts that concern association executives. In this blog we highlight one technology that may help to ease the burden of managing and delivering compelling, high quality information and education programs, and which could contribute to strategic efforts to reduce economic impacts on the association - the association learning management system (LMS).


  1. Support Professional Learners Offline with an LMS
    Association Learning Blog WBT SystemsThe recent report on Lifelong Learning and Technology released by the Internet, Science and Technology subdivision of Pew Research Center made some interesting observations about why and how professional learners seek out learning opportunities. The report is very informative for associations and other organizations which provide professional development and continuing education opportunities to professional learners. We explored a surprising finding from the report and outlined how an LMS enables organizations to manage, track and report on all the professional learning opportunities they offer – online or offline.



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