Summer School? No, time to evaluate LMS performance

How to ensure School’s NOT Out for Summer

LMS PerformanceThose dreaded words from years ago….summer school.  The mere mention of them sent chills through students that were just getting by.  No vacation, no trips to the beach with friends, just you and the almost as miserable teacher.  The last thing you wanted to do on the summertime was more learning!

However, the summertime is a great time to evaluate your current learning management system and the training courses your organization offers.  Typically the pace is a little slower during this time of the year giving you the opportunity to step back and take a look at whether your current training programs and platform are meeting the goals that were originally expected.

There are three key elements to reflect on to determine the success or short-comings of your training programs.

  • (1) Training Program Outcomes

    What are the outcomes of your training programs?

    • How do test scores look?
    • Are learners completing the courses?
    • Are you receiving many questions about the course material?
    • Are you getting feedback, and if you are is it relevant?

    Effective course material keeps learners coming back for more.

  • (2) LMS Performance

    Is your learning management system performing the way it was intended?

    • Do you get many questions from learners on how to use it?
    • Is it scaling to meet your demand
    • Are learners having access issues
    • Is it delivering the course content that you wanted to use
    • Can it properly manage CE’s and certifications
    • Can you get the backend reporting out of it in order to report on learner and organizational progress?

    The performance of your LMS is crucial for your learners.  It is the front door of your training programs.  Your learners have to go through that door to get to class.

  • (3) User Acceptance

    Is there wide learner acceptance? If there is great, if not why not?

    • Are you receiving complaints about not being able to access the learning content?
    • Is the content relevant and fun to use?
    • Can learners track their progress for courses, CE’s and certification requirements?
    • Can learners see where they stand with others in regards to training achievements?
    • Is the platform too hard and cumbersome to use from the learners perspective?

    Each of these areas can impact user acceptance of your training programs.


As an adult thoughts of summer past run through our minds, probably more than any other season.  Therefore this summer take some time out of your schedule and reflect back on your training programs successes and where they fall short.  Consider making changes to raise the shortfalls to the successes you originally strived for at the start.  A little reflection and planning in the summer can kick off your fall to greater success for your training programs.


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