Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority: TopClass LMS Case Study

TopClass LMS delivers accurate reporting, simplified administration, and the opportunity to expand education programs to 114 collegiate chapters of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority.

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Having all our member records easily accessible in one place is a huge benefit to our organization. The flexibility and real-time automation of the integration between TopClass LMS and iMIS means we can create reports and manage information exactly the way we need to. We have better insight into the progress members are making and when they complete their programs.”


- Elizabeth Green, Director of Information Technology

eLearning Challenge

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, also known as TriSigma, was founded in 1898 with the aim of providing exceptional experiences that will empower women to change the world. TriSigma offers a combination of in-person and online education through the members-only community Sigma Connect, including the new member education program, Essential Sigma, access to webinars and officer resources, an Advisory Training program, and manuals.

Tri Sigma needed to replace a legacy learning management system (LMS) which did not provide the course administration functionality they required. This LMS had been discontinued, meaning that there would be no future support or possibility of updates to the system. It was essential that the new LMS would integrate with iMIS, TriSigma’s member database.


As a member of NiUG International, the iMIS users association, TriSigma worked with a NiUG partner, Computer Systems Innovation to select a new LMS that would integrate with cloud-hosted iMIS 20.

TopClass LMS fulfilled these important requirements:

  • A proven, turnkey integration with iMIS that includes Single Sign On and the ability to sync all required information between the two systems. Developed in-house by the WBT Systems team, no third party was required for the integration.
  • The ability to scale the platform to support a growing membership in a chapter-based organization, to expand the number and variety of courses in their education offering, and to offer different types of content, including SCORM content and webinars. 
  • The flexibility to allow TriSigma’s administration team to use their technical expertise to take business objects and scripts from TopClass and adjust them to fit data fields in iMIS. This allowed TriSigma to set up groups and automation rules to truly reflect their unique workflows and processes, providing better insight into members’ progression and completion in more accurate reports.


TopClass Results

Flexibility and Ease of Use 

The flexibility of TopClass LMS makes it easier to manage users and content, compared to the previous LMS.  TriSigma changed the structure of their education programs, which allowed them to create a better learning experience for members and run more accurate reports. This has resulted in fewer support issues from members. 

Time-saving Direct Integration with iMIS

TopClass automates many previously manual tasks and processes – such as importing and exporting member data, or enrolling members into learning activities on completion of the previous activity. This now happens automatically and writes back to iMIS in real-time, giving TriSigma better insight into members’ progress and completion.

Comprehensive Reports in One Place

TopClass LMS sends all information back to iMIS via the integration bridge. TriSigma then uses the Interactive Chapter Experience (ICE) application to pull relevant member data and training history from iMIS to produce comprehensive reports from one system that are accessible to administrators and chapter officers.

Efficient LMS Implementation

Being able to work directly with the WBT Systems team on the integration was a benefit to TriSigma. Due to their technical expertise and the fact that WBT Systems develops the iMIS integration in-house, there were no third-parties involved in the integration. This facilitated clear direct communication between the project teams and an efficient LMS implementation.

“The project went smoothly. With setting up our own SQL, we had a few times where it didn’t work out and the WBT team had to help us and point us in the right direction, but we always got it figured out with their help.”

- Elizabeth Green, Director of Information Technology

Looking to the Future

The implementation of TopClass LMS at Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority has opened up a number of opportunities for further expansion of their member education programs. TriSigma has plans to create new courses for their members, and to expand their use of eLearning technologies, such as webinars. 

“There are features in TopClass we didn’t have with the other LMS that will allow us to grow our programs. We can do more with TopClass LMS, and are able to keep up with trends in e-learning.“

- Elizabeth Green, Director of Information Technology

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​​​​​Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority was founded in 1898. The mission of TriSigma is to establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship, to develop in them strong womanly character, and to impress upon them high standards of conduct. Headquartered in Woodstock, Virginia, the Sorority has chartered 114 collegiate chapters, and has more than 9,000 active collegiate members. 
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