digitalNow 2020 - Postponed

digitalNow 2020 will be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Further details will be shared, as updates become available.

Celebrating 20 Years of Leadership in the Digital Age

Discover how to close the gap between your association's value, strategy, and execution and explore key future trends that will effect your association. Invest in yourself and your association. 

WBT Systems is proud to be a resource center partner at digitalNow 2020, April 15-17 in Orlando, Florida. Michelle and Mike look forward to discussing the challenges for membership, education, and leadership that face associations as they adapt to rapidly changing technologies and increasing competition, including: 

  • How to assess and prioritize your digital transformation
  • How to identify the technologies that will change the face of your association
  • How to have productive conversations with your Board about digital strategy
  • Cultivating the right culture, people, and processes to withstand the times
TopClass LMS by WBT Systems is proud to be a partner of digitalNow 2020