The American Institute of Chemical Engineers chooses TopClass

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is a leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with over 49,000 members from over 100 countries. As a part of their educational offerings, AIChE offer their members professional and technical eLearning training courses, developed by renowned Chemical Engineers as well as other experts from the industry.


Having recently upgraded to Personify360, AIChE was looking to take the next step in the evolution of their educational programs. The process to look for a new Learning Management System started with 40 potential candidates, and we are delighted to announce that they recently chose TopClass.


Why choose TopClass?
AIChE set out with a set of specific requirements that they wanted in an LMS. They have 35 e-Learning courses at present, and with a desire to expand on the horizon they needed a system that could allow them to offer a more robust and scalable service that took advantage of their relationship with Personify. The most important factors in this decision for AIChE were as follows:

  • Speed of implementation
    AIChE wanted a system that could be set up and running by June 2015, giving only a relatively short space of time of only a few months for TopClass to be set up the way AIChE had envisioned.
  • Aligning with the nature of their business
    As with all our customers, AIChE were given demos of TopClass, where they saw examples of how TopClass could be made work for them. Aligning TopClass with their business was an essential factor for them in their consideration. They saw enough to convince them that with the help of the WBT team they would get a professional LMS that matched their look and feel.
  • The level of integration with Personify
    TopClass has a full integration with Personify360, thanks to our partnership with Personify. It is a tight and flexible two way integration that offers a seamless experience between the two systems. AIChE valued this experience as a priority when looking at various LMS candidates.


AIChE will be up and running with TopClass soon. Initially only their current 35 e-Learning courses will be live. In the near future, AIChE are aiming to expand the education content portfolio and leverage TopClass for supporting new engagement models.


“After the comprehensive RFP process, we found that WBT Systems offered a flexible product that could be implemented within our timeline and had the best combination of what we were looking for. We were shown an impressive demo of TopClass working in sync with Personify and it had a more polished commercial look and feel that blew the competition away.”
Amit Gupta, AIChE

WBT Systems
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