TopClass LMS Integration with Personify

WBT Systems is proud to be an official partner of Personify. WBT Systems' in-house experts have been integrating systems for more than 20 years. Our TopClass LMS integration bridge allows for easy integration with the full suite of Personify solutions for associations, and provides a single point of support for your implementation project from start to finish. Together, Personify and TopClass LMS provide comprehensive solutions that enhance member engagement and drive growth of education and certification programs. 

Integration is a critical part of any LMS implementation and vital to ensuring a seamless experience for all users by eliminating redundant data entry and manual reporting. The two-way, real-time integration allows associations to increase non-dues education and certification revenue by providing a seamless, engaging, and personalized learning experience that ensures learners keep coming back to take more training. The robust and configurable integration allows organizations to easily align TopClass LMS with their internal processes and information needs.