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Update and synchronize key information in real time between your website, LMS, and other software systems.

The flexibility of TopClass LMS provides unified learning solutions for associations, continuing education, and extended enterprise, through standard integration bridges which connect your Learning Management System to a variety of business critical software systems. WBT Systems' in-house experts have been integrating systems for more than 20 years. Our turnkey LMS integration bridges allow for easy integration with a wide variety of systems, with no customization or third-party vendors required.


TopClass LMS simplifies the administration of our courses and member training records, especially with the integration with our member database. We now have more time to focus on developing innovative content to extend our accreditation and professional development programs.  - Adrienne Glancy, Senior Manager,  Industry Training & Accreditation, Gymnastics Australia

Engaging learning with TopClass LMS
Deliver engaging, personalized learning

Single-sign-on and highly-customizable layouts and branding ensure that when learners log in to your website, they are automatically signed into TopClass LMS and enjoy a professional, consistently branded experience across your integrated systems.

Increase revenue, streamline processes

Boost eLearning revenue by reaching, connecting with, and converting education customers more effectively. The elimination of data re-entry saves time, reduces errors, and improves data integrity. TopClass integration simplifies tracking, notifications, and reporting, and supports configurable work flows that align your LMS with your internal processes and information needs.

eLearning revenue with Topclass LMS
TopClass LMS Reports
Real-time, accurate information and reports

Due to an automated two-way information exchange, the integration bridge makes day-to-day administration more efficient and less prone to errors because it eliminates re-keying of data such as learner profiles, completed training courses, or CE credits earned. This robust, configurable integration ensures the right information is available to you in the right system at the right time.

LMS to AMS integration

Gain greater understanding of members’ needs and behaviors and apply insights from learner training and purchase history to enhance engagement, recruitment, retention, and revenue. WBT Systems provides turnkey, two-way integrations between TopClass LMS and the leading association management systems.

TopClass LMS integration
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