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TopClass LMS is now part of ASI's portfolio of products and services

TopClass LMS is now part of the ASI portfolio of products, along with iMIS EMS
TopClass LMS and iMIS - Better Together

We're excited to announce that WBT Systems is now part of ASI, adding our award-winning TopClass LMS to ASI's portfolio of SaaS products. This is great news for iMIS and TopClass LMS users.

Experts in Integrated Learning

Integration is a critical part of any Learning Management System implementation and vital to ensuring a seamless experience for all users by eliminating redundant data entry and manual reporting. WBT Systems' in-house experts have been integrating systems for more than 20 years. Our TopClass integration bridge allows for easy integration with iMIS Cloud and our team provides a single point of support for your implementation project from start to finish. The TopClass LMS integration with all versions of iMIS is included as a standard one-time fee for new customers and there are no recurring maintenance costs. 

iMIS Learning Management with TopClass LMS integration
Engage Learners with iMIS integration to TopClass LMS
Engage and Empower Learners

TopClass LMS, the award-winning Learning Management System, delivers engaging, personalized training to your global audience of members, advisors, and volunteers, with the help of engaging social and collaborative tools. Provide an impactful educational experience that gives learners the confidence and knowledge they need to achieve your mutual goals. Gain greater understanding of members’ needs and behaviors and be able to apply insights from learner training and purchase history to enhance engagement, recruitment, retention, and revenue. 

Client Success with TopClass LMS and iMIS

Hear from Sharon Westmoreland how TopClass LMS helped to transform learning for their members, resulting in a 90% reduction in support calls. "Now because of Top Class LMS much of the manual work for staff has been removed because of the integration with iMIS. The learner experience has improved so much that our support calls have decreased by 90%. Now we can truly say that our member portal is self-service and easy to use." OSMA received an iMIS Great Things Award for digital transformation with TopClass LMS.

Focus on innovative education with integrated iMIS learning solutions


Seamless Learner Experience with Single Sign On

Single Sign On functionality shares user information and permissions from iMIS to TopClass LMS, removing the need for learners to re-enter their login information, and automatically creating an account in TopClass LMS if none exists. Member profile information, group structures and much more are synchronized from iMIS to TopClass LMS, enabling the personalization of the learner experience. 


Accurate, Real-time Training Data

TopClass LMS writes learner data and activities back to iMIS when a course is completed or when credits or certificates are earned. iMIS always has a complete, accurate and up-to-date picture of member training thanks to real-time synchronization from TopClass LMS to iMIS.


Streamline Processes to Save Time

Eliminate rekeying of data which saves time, reduces errors ,and provides better quality management. The integration allows maximum automation, which simplifies tracking, notifications, and reporting. In addition, it supports configurable work flows to align with your processes, ensuring the required information is available in the right system at the right time and allowing you to focus on delivering innovative programs to learners.

TopClass LMS powers iMIS training offerings from ASI and NiUG

ASI have launched a portal that will expand and enhance the learning experience for iMIS clients and provide flexible, convenient access to all the training they need to take full advantage of iMIS Cloud. Powered by TopClass LMS by WBT Systems, the iMIS Learning Hub offers anytime, anywhere access to extensive on-demand training for clients with an active iMIS Learning Subscription (ILS). Make sure to check out the case study.

TopClass LMS is also proud to power the NiUG International Learning Center, connecting NiUG members with hundreds of conference sessions and study materials to help you get the most out of your iMIS investment. 

Meet us at the next iMIS event

Meet our team and see a demo of TopClass LMS integration with iMIS in action at our upcoming conferences and events. 

WBT Systems is proud to be the exclusive learning management system product partner for iMIS and a strategic partner of NiUG International. View a list of our upcoming events and drop by to ask all your questions about iMIS integration and association learning, pick up a case study, or take a tour of TopClass LMS between sessions. 

See Topclass LMS integration at an upcoming iMIS event
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