More than just support, we strive for customer success.

We’re not your technology vendor, we’re your technology partner.


What’s the difference? Partners look out for your best interests. We listen and learn. How else would we truly understand your organization’s preferences, needs and challenges?

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Included with your subscription to TopClass is access to our experienced support team. They are on hand to answer your questions, resolve issues and ensure that your LMS experience is as easy and problem-free as possible.

Clients praise our team’s responsiveness and knowledge, but there’s more to client support than that. We take your ideas and issues seriously. Our product roadmap is influenced by what we learn from you.


"One of the key advantages of using TopClass LMS over our previous open source LMS was the excellent support we've received. The WBT Systems' support team have been great - knowledgeable and responsive."

- Alex Watterson, Project Manager, Australasian Society for UItrasound in Medicine

TopClass LMS Support Tool Tips
Training - we listen and we teach.

TopClass LMS implementation includes instructor-led online training courses which are tailored to the needs of your organization. We can design training for different audiences or different phases of implementation. For example, if you customize your system, we customize training too so it covers your specific workflows.

You also have access in TopClass LMS to supplemental tool tips and “how to” videos. And, of course, on the WBT Systems website you can request assistance from our support team at any time.

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