Micro-credentials and Digital Badges

Strengthen your learning community by making members’ accomplishments more visible.

Micro-credentials or Digital Badges?
  • Credentials are used to acknowledge achievement or mastery of a defined skill or standard in education or certification programs. Sometimes referred to as micro-credentials and used to reward achievements on a specified learning pathway – like stepping stones to completion of certification.
  • Badges is the term most commonly used for gamification to motivate and encourage participation
Digital Badge Taxonomy by Bryan Mathers. (Used under CC-BY-SA 4.0 License).
Recognize learning achievements with TopClass LMS
A versatile way to recognize and motivate learning

Make learning more engaging by rewarding participation and achievements with digital badges in TopClass LMS. Design and share badges within the LMS to reward participation in discussion forums or communities, or align to certification requirements to recognize completion of a learning pathway.

Make learning achievements more visible

Add value to your programs by helping learners to publicize micro-credentials and make their continuing education achievements more visible.

Display badges earned on the enhanced learner profiles in TopClass LMS. TopClass LMS is also fully integrated with Badgr and Credly, to enable sharing of digital credentials outside the learning platform to online backpacks and social media profiles.

Micro-credentials in TopClass LMS

Why Offer Micro-credentials or Digital Badges?

Digital badges are highly rated by modern learners. They allow the learner to reflect the effort and accomplishments made in their journey toward their learning goals, in a more visible and accessible way than the traditional paper certificate.

  • For learners, digital badges can be a way to show accreditation in a particular field, proof of lifelong learning, and the learner’s commitment to professional development. 
  • For employers, it is much easier to validate the relevance of skills and achievements, and confirm that these have been accredited by an organization that has the authority to issue the badge.


The Skills Gap: 

The current system of higher education cannot adapt curricula fast enough to meet the demand for new skills that are relevant to the new jobs available. This is resulting in a high unemployment rate.

There is increasing advocacy for a move to competency-based learning to teach specific skills required for employment - 89% of business leaders believe that corporate apprenticeship or training programs could help to alleviate the skills gap.

Alongside this, the growing use of digital credentials is a way for job-seekers to demonstrate they have the skills required for new or changing employment opportunities.

Badge Taxonomy image by Bryan Mathers. Used under CC-BY-SA-4.0 License.
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