Virtual Conference

Virtual conferences become an integral part of your education programs in TopClass LMS

Create inclusive virtual learning experiences for your conference

TopClass LMS delivers your virtual conference within your LMS system, creating opportunities for all learners to connect and engage, enhancing critical social learning aspects of virtual meetings for both members and non-member attendees.
Remove barriers to learner participation in virtual conferences by eliminating time wasted navigating new platforms and multiple logins.

Virtual Conference in TopClass LMS by WBT Systems
Virtual Conference Mobile access in TopClass LMS by WBT Systems
Virtual conference management has never been easier

Conference management is simplified for your meetings and education teams. Setup, branding, and session creation all happen within the familiar TopClass LMS platform, allowing teams to focus on delivering relevant, motivating professional development sessions for your learners. TopClass LMS provides an end-to-end integration with industry-leading video conferencing platforms to enable you to simplify session creation and learner participation in virtual or hybrid events.

Virtual Conference in TopClass LMS by WBT Systems
Virtual conferences as an integral part of education programs

Expand your potential audience for professional development programs and create a sustainable channel for non-dues revenue with virtual conferences and events delivered through your learning management system. TopClass LMS enables you to develop unified learning experiences across your in-person and online meetings and education offerings.

Learning and conversations continue after your events

With your virtual conference incorporated into your LMS platform, learners will be able to access virtual events alongside all their learning activities and certification programs.  TopClass LMS provides interactive video for session recordings, discussion forums, and integrated online communities to enable learners to continue networking, conversations, and learning after your virtual event.

Discussion Forums and Interactive video in TopClass LMS
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