TopClass Certifications

The smarter way of managing your certification programs

The smarter way of managing your certification programs

TopClass Certifications simplifies, automates and improves the management of certification and designation programs. You can easily design programs to assess the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies of your learners more efficiently.

TopClass Certifications makes managing your programs a breeze. From the registration period through assessment and printing of certificates, and even certification management. It simplifies everything involved in the certification and credential maintenance of learners.

Managing credentialing and certification programs

Track progress

TopClass Certifications offers your students and members more control as it tracks progress through their certification program. From registration, through to taking the courses, earning CE credits and completing examinations, every aspect of the program is efficiently managed and tracked. TopClass reminds users of upcoming and overdue compliance training obligations and automatically sends reports to credential bodies.


Key Benefits

1.Streamline the path from registration to certification maintenance
2.Track and measure your programs’ effectiveness
3.Let your learners take ownership of their certification and monitor their progress
4.Simplify the entire certification process


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