TopClass Learning Management System

The Flexible Learning Platform

The Flexible Learning Platform

TopClass is WBT Systems’ award winning learning management system. Our software blends the best features of an LMS and an LCMS. TopClass is an easy and dynamic way to manage your events, education and certification needs. The flexibility of TopClass means it will adapt to fit your organization and processes as it grows.

Reduce the time you need to spend managing courses and encourage your learners to engage and invest more in your programs. Streamline your operations to save on unnecessary costs.

All devices

Training services

WBT Systems first developed TopClass in 1995, and now proudly holds a 20 year track record of success. We still have customers from  within our first few years of operation and have great relationships with them. You’ll be getting the best assistance from our in-house team to provide personal support to help you get the most out of TopClass.

Key Benefits

1.Manage all forms of training, conferences and certification programs in TopClass
2.Track and measure your education and certification programs’ effectiveness
3.Offer an intuitive, engaging user experience
4.Enjoy greater level of customization and branding
5.Integrates with your existing systems
6.Speed up day-to-day tasks with automation


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