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Association Learning Management System Solutions

WBT Systems is a software company that has been helping Associations to build and improve their education and certification programs since 1995. By offering TopClass, our world-class Association Learning Management System, we have been giving these organizations the power to get the most out of their learning programs.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

Integration with TopClass LMS

TopClass LMS provides powerful learning solutions for associations, continuing education, and extended enterprise, through standard integration bridges which connect your Learning Management System to a variety of business critical software systems.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

Introduction to TopClass LMS

TopClass learning management system offers flexible, comprehensive, and social learning capability for association, continuing education, and corporate training programs, for more rewarding and diverse learning experiences that increase engagement. Learn about all the features of TopClass LMS from WBT Systems.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Bridge to Abila netFORUM™

Abila netFORUM™ clients can now implement  world-class learning solutions through a  secure, off-the-shelf, two-way integration with  TopClass Learning Management System. The robust two-way integration is available for both Abila netFORUM Pro™ and Abila netFORUM Enterprise™.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Bridge to iMIS

The TopClass bridge to iMIS enables a smooth and automatic two-way transfer of key information from one system to the other. It also provides smooth navigation from iMIS to TopClass with single sign-on. Consistent branding across both portals can also be easily achieved, leading to a superior learner experience.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Bridge to Personify360

Personify clients can now implement world-class learning solutions through a  secure, off-the-shelf, two-way integration with  TopClass Learning Management System. Update and synchronize key information between Personify360 and TopClass with seamless user navigation between website and Learning Management System.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Catalog

Marketing and selling training courses and products relies on the ability to showcase offerings in a catalog, describing the key information easily and succinctly – dates, course types, descriptions, prices and if relevant, the number of continuing education units.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Certifications

A complete certification module with exceptional features that simplify, automate and improve the management of certification and designation programs for your organization.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Conference Management

Set up all your conferences, large and small, with confidence and ease. Organize your annual conference, seminars, workshops or any event with ease, efficiency and professionalism using the conference management features of TopClass. Build your agenda with conference tracks and sessions, assign rooms and speakers and have your attendees register and purchase conference passes online.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Content Authoring

A complete online course management system that empowers you to design your courses your way. The choice of content and tools you need, powerfully integrated.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Course Management

From online and face-to-face, to blended and many more training approaches, TopClass allows you to easily set up, manage, run and track all aspects of your training programs.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass E-commerce

Online purchase of training products with revenue boosting features. Use TopClass eCommerce to drive revenue from your education department with fast and secure payment processing, cross-selling features and complete flexibility as to how you price and sell products to members and non-members.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass License Pools

TopClass License Pools are used by organizations who sell training and training services to their own clients. License pools provide for the creation and management of client licenses within TopClass.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Notification Engine

The Notifications Engine for TopClass offers the flexibility you need to configure your business rules when it comes to sending personalized notifications to your learners, managers, instructors and administrators.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Now!

Now you can manage and track your Association’s entire educational program online with efficiency and ease. Power your Education and Certification programs at exceptional value.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Partitions

TopClass Partitions allow the separation of a TopClass system for use by multiple audiences. With TopClass Partitions each audience - whether it is a client company, internal department or business partner - operates in their own TopClass domain, taking ownership of “their LMS”, while overall control of the system is kept centrally.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Reporting

Make more informed, timely decisions to help significantly improve your organization. With TopClass reports you will have easy, self-service access to data that matters.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Testing

Building your own assessments could not be easier with the TopClass Testing engine. Have your online tests, quizzes or surveys up and running quickly and easily with multiple options to give you the confidence that they are being executed fairly and securely.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

TopClass Webinars

Give your learners a connected and seamless webinar experience with the TopClass bridge to Adobe Connect - the leading web conferencing platform for webinars.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01
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