WBT Systems provides professional services to assist your organization in a number of ways.

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WBT consultants develop tailored solutions to meet every business challenge no matter how focused or wide ranging. Our QuickValueTM delivery methodology ensures the successful delivery of projects on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

Implementation services

Integration Services


Almost all solutions that we implement contain one or more integrations with office systems. This removes the need for users to re-key data.

There are other advantages to having an integrated solution, such as the potential to automate otherwise manual processes, and having comprehensive system-wide data available for management reporting.


TopClass is a functionally rich Learning Management System (LMS) and one of the few systems that runs successfully ‘out of the box’. However, whether it’s branding of the user interface, creating custom workflows, adding user fields or creating new permissions, WBT Systems’ Services team provides customization services to adapt TopClass to run exactly as you need it.

Customization services

Training services


Standard training courses are typically provided as part of a TopClass implementation. These courses can be tailored for different audiences or aligned to the different program phases of the implementation. We can advise you on how much or how little training you need to achieve your objectives.

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