Learning Management Software Solutions

Developing Adult Learners

Higher Value Service
Enjoy a higher value service for learners, making it easier for them to progress through their professional development. This ultimately improves their career prospects.

Driving Revenue

Offer & sell a portfolio of products
Give separate pricing for members and non-members, early bird discounts and several payment options available.

Secure transactions
Provide fast, secure transactions with multiple payment options for the learner.

Increasing Membership

Complete member profiles
Provide a complete picture of member training details right from your AMS/CRM/ERP system, without having to log into two systems.

Managing credentialing and certification programs

Manage & track your certifications
Automate the sending of reports to credentialing bodies.

Streamline Operations

Automate processes
Automate the entire learning process eliminating many manual tasks and reducing errors. This results in significant operational efficiency.

Managing Extended Enterprise Learning

Better information management
Eliminate re-keying of data, which saves time, reduces errors and provides better quality information management.

Providing Better Solutions

Solve all your learning problems
TopClass has many features that can provide real solutions to improve your learning programs.

Reducing Costs & Selling More

Save money
Reduce the time you need to spend on managing your courses and encourage your learners to engage and invest more in your programs. Streamline your operations to save on unnecessary costs.

Managing Compliance Requirements

Making compliance easy
Plan training and recruitment resources around compliance skill requirements while ensuring continuous compliance by reminding individuals, compliance officers and line managers of upcoming and overdue compliance training obligations.


Reach and convert your education customers in more effective ways. Apply proven adult learning principles with ease to achieve real, measurable outcomes that keep learners coming back.

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Training Organizations

Deploy, configure and manage multiple customer portals easily and efficiently. Delegate the operation tasks to your customers while keeping full control.

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Manage your Extended Enterprise learning needs and compliance requirements with a proven LMS that will integrate with all your existing systems, make your life easier and ensure you deliver the best possible solution.

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