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TopClass - Learning Management System

Enterprise market

TopClass is WBT Systems’ LMS for extended enterprise. It enables you to manage your extended enterprise’s training needs, and meet compliance or regulatory requirements. TopClass is a proven LMS that integrates with any existing HRIS, CRM or finance system, eliminating the need for your employees to re-key data. This saves you and your employees time, reduces errors and provides better quality information management.

TopClass also enables you to provide all forms of training – online, classroom, virtual and blended. This gives your courses the flexibility and appeal that people come to expect nowadays from education programs.

If your organization operates in multiple countries, TopClass is the perfect solution as it fully supports multiple languages. It is currently used in 20 different languages, with more being added. Create a better environment tailored for your users, save on time and focus on higher value activities.

Key Features

All forms of training: online, classroom, virtual, blended, workshops
Multi-language: used in more than 20 languages
Integration capabilities: SSO, Open XML interface, database bridge, Adobe Connect bridge
Competency Management and Skills profiles

Extended Enterprise solutions based on TopClass

The Dow Chemical Company
World Bank Group
Volvo Construction Equipment

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