Direct Integration with Software Solutions for Streamlined Learning Management

Almost all solutions that we implement contain one or more integration with other systems, in order to remove the need for users to re-key data. Integrated solutions have the potential to automate otherwise manual processes, making comprehensive system-wide data available for management reporting.

WBT Systems develops and manages all LMS integration projects in-house for TopClass. We have turnkey integration bridges and single-sign-on solutions available for many of the most popular technology solutions, providing a direct data connection between  TopClass LMS and your other systems.

This means that there are no customizations or third-parties involved, resulting in an efficient implementation to get your education and certification programs up and running cost effectively and in less time.

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LMS Integration

Featured Solution

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LMS to AMS Integration

Implement world-class learning solutions through a secure, off-the-shelf, two-way AMS integration with the #1 Association Learning Management System, TopClass.

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Make Your Data Work for You

Robust, flexible integration allows organizations to easily align TopClass LMS with internal processes and information needs.
Configurable workflows ensure the required information is accessible in the right system. Simplify tracking, notifications, and reporting with two-way, real-time data transfer between systems.
Eliminate re-keying of data, which saves time, reduces errors, and provides better quality management.
Learner profile information, group structures, and much more are synchronized from your CRM, AMS or employee database to TopClass LMS, enabling you to personalize the learning experience.
Whether you are linking to your website via single-sign-on or using APIs to connect to web conferencing tools or databases, WBT Systems’ very experienced teams offer adaptable integration solutions that ensure your data works for you, whatever your requirements.

Integrated Learning

We integrate with a variety of other software solutions for managing communications, webinar delivery, online communities, payments, and more. Some of the systems we have integrated with include:

  • CRM / HRIS / ERP
  • AMS / EMS
  • Web conferencing tools
  • Community management platforms
  • Payment solutions

Visit our partner page to see what other systems we integrate with. If it’s not listed there, ask us about our services.

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