LMS to AMS Integration

Two-Way, Real-Time Data Transfer for Seamless Learning Management

Implement world-class learning solutions through a secure, off-the-shelf, two-way AMS integration with the #1 Association Learning Management System, TopClass.

WBT Systems provides a turnkey, two-way integration between TopClass LMS and the leading AMS solutions, including Personify, iMIS, Abila netFORUM™, and others.

With TopClass Learning Management System, you can set up users, groups, and all forms of training courses in your Association Management Software and have them automatically published to the LMS. Without re-keying any data, our two-way AMS product bridge will automatically synchronize the information, regardless of how your education products are setup in your AMS.

For the learners, the workflows are kept simple. Consistent branding, single sign-on, and automatic user creation allow your members to purchase training from your website and access them straight away without the need for staff or vendor intervention, or a nightly process to run. User achievements, including CE credits, are sent back to your AMS in real-time.

Seamlessly share data between your systems with our comprehensive, two-way LMS to AMS integration for improved planning and reporting.

LMS to AMS Integration - WBT Systems

TopClass LMS also integrates with a variety of other software solutions used by Associations to manage communications, webinar delivery, online communities, payments, and more.

Visit our integration page or view our partners to see what other systems we integrate with. If it’s not listed there, ask us about our services.

TopClass AMS Integration - Key Features

Seamless and Engaging Experience
Single-sign-on and highly-customizable layouts and branding ensure that when users login to the member area of the website, they are automatically signed into TopClass and enjoy a professional, consistently branded experience across both the website and the Association LMS.
Personalized Learner Experience
Member profile information, group structures, and much more are synchronized from your AMS to TopClass LMS, enabling the use of AMS-based data to personalize the learner experience.
Real-time insights for the entire Association
The AMS always has a complete, accurate and up-to-date picture of member training details as course completions, CE credits awarded, etc. are synchronized in real-time from TopClass LMS to your AMS.
Streamlined Processes and Reporting
The integration allows maximum automation via simple configuration, ensuring no manual re-keying of data is required. It also simplifies the complexities around tracking, notifications, and reporting. In addition, it supports configurable workflows to easily align with the Association’s processes, ensuring the required information is available in the right system.
Proven, Robust, and Adaptable solutions
The combination of stable, well proven modular core products, mature APIs, and very experienced teams allows us to offer adaptable solutions that easily grow as our customers’ businesses evolve.

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