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The World Bank is a United Nations international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs. The World Bank is a component of the World Bank Group, and a member of the United Nations Development Group.

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World Bank Group

The World Bank is a specialized agency of the United Nations and is made up of 184 member countries. It is one of the world’s largest sources of development assistance, supporting the efforts of developing country governments to build schools and health centers, provide water and electricity, fight disease, and protect the environment.wbt-elements-pdf-icon-01

Customer Testimonial

The LMS from WBT Systems has helped to transform learning at the World Bank. Its extensive functionality and reporting capability means that we now have a much enhanced capacity to monitor and assess investments in learning, a better understanding of what works, and we are better able to focus on areas where we can improve. This is critical to the Bank’s mission and to ensure that staff can assist clients with the best global knowledge available to address their development challenges.
Jan Weetjens
Staff Knowledge and Learning Manager - World Bank Group