8 quick tips to boost eLearning revenue

More than ever before eLearning has gained a significant foothold in association education initiatives. But is your association generating as much revenue from its learning programs as it needs to, wants to or has the potential to?

Here are 8 tips to help boost eLearning revenue


1. Don’t undervalue online training – many associations are guilty of devaluing online learning courses and webinars but it’s important to assess their value to the learner and then price accordingly.


2. Reach a wider audience – online learning is all about scale. Costs don’t increase with self-paced online learning, so the idea is to build mass. To widen the audience, consider offering training products not only to members, but also to non-members, affiliates or new target groups.


3. Launch your learning initiative – it’s not enough to just build learning content and make the assets available. Promote the use of eLearning to your audience on a regular basis, have a formal launch and keep your audience up to date via eZines and campaigns so that they feel part of the process.


4. Offer good value promotions – incentivize members to purchase training courses, publications and to register for conferences. Offer early bird discounts, bundled course prices and use coupons and tokens.


5. Promote specific courses – consider promoting the top five most popular courses on the dashboard of your learning system, or create a news feed to promote the newest courses added to the catalog.


6. Use teasers or demo versions to entice - allow learners to sample a piece of the course content for free before they make their purchase.


7. Create a positive experience - make the check out process as intuitive and simple as possible. It should be easy and fast for learners to both find and buy training products.


8. Tailor the learner experience – if you have a learning management system, allow your learners to personalize their experience by allowing them to customize their screens, the content they see and the layouts to suit their own needs.

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