The ideal project team for your LMS implementation

The implementation of a Learning Management System requires significant input from individuals within the organization and this should not be underestimated. But what does the ideal project team look like?


First off, it is essential to consider the composition and size of the project team to adequately cope with the taskLMS Team
in hand. Your LMS vendor should be able to make recommendations in this area, particularly relating to the skill sets required, likely time-frames where input will be needed, scope of the tasks, etc. If too many people are involved in the implementation then it can be very difficult to make decisions and reach a consensus.


Sign-off of documentation can take a lot longer and project meetings can be long drawn out events, where too many agendas are on the table to make real progress. The flip side of this is where the project team is too small and one or two individuals are tasked with everything whilst still trying to carry out their day job. In this case turn-around times tend to increase due to lack of resources and there’s also a risk of misguidance, as only limited opinions and feedback are available.


The ideal project team would typically be made up of three to five key business owners from relevant departments, one of whom takes on the role of project manager (on the side of the organization). The project manager has to be prepared to dedicate a significant portion of their time to the implementation project. A project sponsor is also recommended, who understands the business benefits of a successful solution and who has authority to make decisions and effect change within the organization.

LMS Implementation Team
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