Using an LMS to drive your cross-selling and up-selling strategy

We all understand the concept of cross-selling and up-selling in its most basic form and some of us encounter it pretty much on a daily basis: “would you like fries with your meal?” or “would you like to super-size that?


It’s pretty straightforward at that level but how can you make it work within an organization where you’re offering, say, educational courses or products. Most of these purchases are done online. But how can you encourage more online purchases in order to bump up revenue?


A Learning Management System can come in pretty handy in that it can recommend or suggest other relevant courses or offerings during the online check out process. For example, a member has just put course A into her shopping cart.  A Learning Management System can be configured so that a message is displayed with: “Members who bought course A also bought course B and C.”

Imagine the impact on revenue if only 10% made a further purchase as a result of the recommendation?


Here’s how it might look in an LMS. In this example, the book ‘Introduction to TopClass’ is offered at a 10% discount to accompany the ‘TopClass Administrator Training’ class.

 2 cross selling

If the member goes on to select the additional recommended offer of the TopClass book, it is important to ensure the discount is clearly shown per the example below.

 3. Cross selling

This simple feature in an LMS has the potential to increase course uptake and maximize revenue potential.

If you’d like to talk about how to drive more revenue from your education programs, get in touch. 

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LMS for cross-selling
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