Using IFrames And Multimedia To Enhance Your Assessments

Adding Multimedia to Assessments in TopClass Content Editor



We often think of assessments as being somewhat separated from the overall learning process. They are often seen as separate entities to the instructional material/courses that we create and deliver – something to be done to learners at the end.


We need to always remind ourselves that assessment is an integral part of all learning. Our eLearning assessments should aim to engage the learner and improve the overall quality of the instructional material.

Assessments need to be treated as a core part, if not the most crucial aspect of our learning material

The quantitative and qualitative data gathered from assessments is of vital importance to the organization – as a means to assess the overall impact of the learning on individual performance and also to measure the ROI of the learning itself.


IFrames, and the use of freely available social media streams, allow us to greatly enhance our assessments and engage the learner in a richer assessment process.


In the article - How To Use IFrames And Multimedia To Enhance Your Assessments - published by the eLearning Industry Network site - I will show you how to use our TopClass Content Editor to introduce dynamic and interactive media to your assessments and hopefully place assessments at the heart of your learning solutions and what you can do to improve learner engagement and increase value to the organization.

How to Use IFrames And Multimedia To Enhance Your Assessments

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