Association of BC Forest Professionals chooses TopClass LMS

ABCFP Forest ProfessionalsThe Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals is responsible for registering and regulating British Columbia's professional foresters and forest technologists. With more than 5,400 members, including Registered Professional Foresters and Registered Forest Technologists, ABCFP represents the largest group of forestry professionals in Canada.


The ABCFP offers its members professional development training and provides registration or certification for a number of membership categories which require the completion of a 24-month articling period.


We are delighted to announce that ABCFP has chosen TopClass Now! Learning Management System to deliver their professional development programs.



Why Choose TopClass LMS?


Previously, the Association of BC Forest Professionals had delivered eLearning courses for professional development and certification through a number of different service providers with a mixture of live and recorded content. They needed a learning management system that would integrate seamlessly with their membership database, iMIS, and which met the needs of their project budget. TopClass Now! fit their needs as a cloud-based LMS that is light on price but with powerful functionality.


  • Proven Integration with iMIS
    TopClass has a full integration with iMIS, thanks to our partnership with Advanced Solutions International (ASI). The seamless two-way integration enables accurate and immediate transfer of critical information between the two systems.


  • Straightforward Functionality
    The ABCFP needed an LMS that was accessible and flexible, but which could deliver the required functionality to align with their unique education and business needs. The straightforward interface of TopClass Now! cloud-based LMS ensures it is easy-to-use for administrators, instructors, managers, and students, and accessible anywhere.


  • Comprehensive support for professional development certification programs
    TopClass also facilitates the delivery and management of complex professional development certification path requirements. For the ABCFP, TopClass provides support for a student-sponsor relationship, required for the monitoring and validation of completion of training and work experience, which are a significant element of the certification program required for different membership categories.


TopClass Now! will provide ABCFP with a rapid implementation, flexible functionality, and comprehensive support for delivery and management of their professional development programs.


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“The TopClass learning management system is an essential part of our new registration process. It allows us to offer our members a system that is accessible from anywhere in the province at any time that is convenient to the learner.”

Casey Macaulay, RPF, Registrar and Director of Act Compliance, ABCFP

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