NiUG puts certification program online

WBT Systems has just announced that NiUG has selected TopClass to power its online certification program.


NiUG International is the largest independent organization for users of iMIS software. iMIS software helps associations and not-for-profits increase operational and financial performance. NiUG educates and connects over 3,400 iMIS users and offers iMIS certification - a curriculum based program that requires completion of a series of courses and examinations.


With a growing demand for its certification programs and with an additional certification program coming on stream, NiUG came to WBT Systems to discuss the potential of putting its programs online. NiUG chose to implement TopClass, WBT’s Learning Management System (LMS) to manage the certification process and allow iMIS users and solution providers and consultants to download educational sessions.


For NiUG, this means that they will soon be able to offer their members online enrolment for iMIS certification with support for and tracking of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). NiUG members will also be able to complete their certification modules online, participate in webinars and take the examination through a proctored environment throughout the world via TopClass LMS.


The new LMS will completely automate and simplify the administration and examination process for NiUG and will offer significant savings and operational efficiencies. It will also allow them to provide additional education offerings, as NiUG hopes to be able to act as the central repository for all iMIS education in the future.


WBT Systems looks forward to working with the folks at NiUG on this exciting eLearning project.

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