The Society for Marketing Professional Services chooses TopClass Now!

The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) is a marketing association dedicated to creating business opportunities in the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry.

In addition, SMPS offers professional development programs for its 6,000 marketing and business development members, as well as nonmembers. With an objective to improve and grow their education and certification programs, they decided to invest in a new learning management system (LMS). Following careful consideration, they selected TopClass Now!, the cloud-based LMS from WBT Systems.


SMPS requirements

Specifically, SMPS wanted to increase the number of learning programs they offer, and improve the process for their certification programs. They needed an LMS to help them achieve these goals, while at the same time to ensure an excellent user experience so members would engage with and use the system.


Why TopClass LMS?

Ease of use

When SMPS first saw TopClass, they found that the LMS was straightforward to use and very easy to navigate to the various pages. SMPS also liked the design, which allows the content to take center stage.


Future certification programs

SMPS has plans to expand the number of certification programs they offer. They want to bring their courses to university level and create an asynchronous learning environment. With the certification feature set in TopClass and the capability that WBT offers, SMPS will be able to provide it as an option when needed.


LMS Support

SMPS has a small in-house team; therefore they needed to feel confident that a new LMS would not over burden their staff. TopClass Now! is perfect for smaller organizations, such as SMPS, because it can be implemented quickly and requires minimal input from the association’s staff. WBT is also on hand to provide exceptional support to ensure, during and after implementation, that things go as smoothly as possible.


“We, at SMPS, want to develop a world-class learning experience for our members. With the support of the WBT team and the dynamic features that TopClass offers, we will be able to do this. TopClass is a comprehensive and robust system that offers a great user experience and has great certification tracking features. We are looking forward to taking full advantage of all that TopClass has to offer."  Alla Orlova, Senior Vice President of Education and Certification

LMS Support
TopClass Now
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